mechanical engineering

Water Treatment Plant :

We undertake installation of central water treatment systems which ensure a continuous supply of potable water by processing water from various sources. Our systems combine the best of technology, engineering techniques & operational processes that are among the most globally advanced & our focus is to provide a filtration & purification procedure that is fast, reliable, safe & at a low operative cost as well.
– Design of Electrical Power System.
– Electrical power distribution and control system for the entire plant.
– Pumps, Pipes & Fittings.
– Installation of multimedia type central water filtration system.
– Installation of U.V. sterilizer system.
– Reverse Osmosis plant.

data center

Data centre :

Our experience & expertise in the area of providing complete MEP services for

– Design of Electrical & Mechanical System.
– Installation of UPS, Precision Air Conditioning, Generators & Chillers.
– Complete Electrical Power Distribution System.
– BMS and monitoring system.
– HVAC ducting & Piping.

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Panels :

We undertake custom designing & manufacturing of a complete line of panels. We install & commission pre-engineered panels for various requirements, combining capability & versatility. This covers:
– B.M.S Interface panels, A.H.U & F.C.U panels & V .F. D. Panels
– Start-up & commissioning of DBCs & control panels 
– Auto mains failure panels (A.M.F), Auto transfer switch panels (A.T.S)
– Irrigation & submersible pump control panels
– Swimming pool & fountain panels, P.F.C capacitor bank panels
– Firefighting & Custom built control panels
– Fuel transformer pump + Alarm panels

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Communication and Security System :

– Structured Cabling & CCTV Camera
– Network/Fiber Optic Cable
– PABX System, Key Telephone System(KTS)
– Audio/Video Intercom System
– Wireless Network Installation
– Access Control System
– Time Attendance / Electronic time card
– Public Address systems

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Generator installations :

Our expertise extends across sales, installation & commissioning, preventive maintenance, servicing & overhauling of captive power generation sets. We assure top of the line quality & prompt after sales service support to ensure long term performance.

– Offloading & positioning
– Electrical & mechanical works
– Commissioning & load bank testing 

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Pumping Stations & Irrigation pipeline works :

Trouble free performance & low cost maintenance are what we emphasize with regard to pipeline works & pumping stations. Our specialized services are available for:

– Sewage project pumping station
– Irrrigation pumping station
– Water treatment plant
– Booster & transfer pump assembly
– Data center chiller pipelines & pump stations
– Central water filtration (Pressure vessel & media change)