Reliability is our middle name. We endeavour to exceed customer expectations and seek to satisfy them with superior quality and service excellence. While we guarantee prompt delivery and execution on time and on budget, our technical support force is at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days.

Chilled water systems

  • Chilled water pipelines
  • CCU Installations
  • FCU, FAHU and ducting systems

Mechanical services

  • Central water filtration (Pressure vessel & media change)
  • Pumps all type overhauling
  • Pumping station services (Valves, pumps & pipes)
  • Portable water pump and transfer pump system for buildings
  • HVAC and fire fighting system for buildings
  • Sanitary and plumbing works

Control and Automation

  • Design fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning of complete BMS system
  • Pre commissioning and Commissioning of various types DDC controllers

Electrical services

Supply and installation of

  • Low voltage switchgear panels from MDB (up to 3200A) to final DBs
  • Power factor correction panels • Motor control centers for low voltage pumps
  • Manual change over panel & automatic transfer switch panels
  • Modification of all kind of LV panels and and control panels
  • Isolators (up to 2000A), industrial and domestic sockets, switches
  • Complete UPS system
  • Cable management system which includes Cable ladder, Trays, Trunks, Conduits, etc.
  • LV power cables, Control cables, instrumentation cables and networking cables
  • Indoor and outdoor light fittings
  • Earthing and lightning protection systems
  • Testing and commissioning of complete electrical systems

Water Treatment Plant

We undertake installation of central water treatment systems which ensure a continuous supply of potable water by processing water from various sources. Our systems combine the best of technology, engineering techniques and operational processes that are among the most globally advanced and our focus is to provide a filtration and purification procedure that is fast, reliable, safe and at a low operative cost as well.

We are specialized in

  • Installation of multimedia type central water filtration system
  • Installation of cartridge type central water filtration system
  • Installation of U.V sterilizer system
  • Reverse osmosis plant

Data centre

Our experience and expertise in the area of cabling and controls ensure prompt and precision solutions that enhance operational ease and building efficiency.

Our services encompass:

  • Installation of L.V. systems including conduiting, cabling and pre-commissioning.
  • Commissioning for VAV controllers
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning of various types of DDC controllers
  • Calibration for level and pressure transmitters


We undertake custom designing and manufacturing of a complete line of panels. We install and commission pre-engineered panels for various requirements, combining capability and versatility.

This covers:

  • B.M.S Interface panels • A.H.U and F.C.U panels
  • Start-up and commissioning of DBCs and control panels.• Auto transfer switch panels (A.T.S)
  • Auto mains failure panels (A.M.F)
  • Irrigation and submersible pump control panels• Power factor correction capacitor bank panels (P.F.C)
  • Swimming pool and fountain panels
  • V .F. D. Panels
  • Firefighting control panels
  • Custom built control panels
  • Fuel transformer pump + Alarm panels

Pumping Stations & Irrigation pipeline works

Trouble free performance and low cost maintenance are what we emphasize with regard to pipeline works and pumping stations.

Our specialized services are available for:

  • Sewage project pumping station
  • Irrrigation pumping station
  • Water treatment plant
  • Booster and transfer pump assembly
  • Data center chiller pipelines and pump stations

Generator installations

Our expertise extends across sales, installation and commissioning, preventive maintenance, servicing and overhauling of captive power generation sets. We assure top of the line quality and prompt after sales service support to ensure long term performance.

  • Offloading and positioning
  • Electrical and mechanical works
  • Commissioning and load bank testing

Communication and Security System

  • Structured Cabling
  • CCTV Camera
  • Network/Fiber Optic Cable
  • PABX System, Key Telephone System(KTS)
  • Audio/Video Intercom System
  • Wireless Network Installation
  • Access Control System
  • Time Attendance / Electronic time card
  • Public Address systems